The Experimental SIG

The purpose of this group is to explore photography topics for which there are no other groups in the FCDCC. The topics are member driven. See Topics below for possible examples.

The red text in this document are links.

The Experimental SIG is currently inactive. If you would like to lead this SIG please speak up.

Topics to vote on:

This web page will keep a running list of ideas. Just Email Bob to suggest or talk over new ideas or add content to what is already there and he will update this idea list. This is the list to be voted on. Pictures and links are good to include so people understand the idea (and this current list needs more pictures and links). If you don't understand what a topic is, please ask and I'll put in more explanation. If you submit an image please tell me where it came from so that it can be displayed with the image.
  1. Breaking Glass Photography
  2. Pouring colored water into a martini or wine glass. Think off the wall here. I have fake ice cubes. Anyone have other props (fake goldfish maybe)? What about mounting the glass at an angle? What about shooting the liquid from an angle? What can we do with multiple glasses? What about shattering the glass in postprocessing? How about superimposing the shot onto an eyeball or a persons glasses?
  3. Experimenting with a fog machine - It is challenging to get fog where you want it with the density you want. Then you have to exhaust it so the whole room doesn’t become enshrouded in fog. I’ve only used it on one shoot and got a few good shots. But mostly I learned that I need to do a lot more experimenting/practicing. Also discuss hazers since there can be some overlap. For fog also add flash gels, lasers and image projection.
  4. Do It Yourself Projects . Help us add to this if you are interested in DIY.
  5. Recreating the masters. Take a master painting and recreate it as a photograph. This could be a great way to study lighting.
  6. The 5 minute photographer. Do you want to do more photography but feel like you just don't have the time to do club activities? Perhaps you need to talk to the 5-minute photographer.
  7. Bubble water Besides abstracts you can add food/objects to the bubble soapy water. The rainbows and patterns on the surface of the bubbles are also cool.
  8. Shooting on a lightbox
  9. Making cookies (cucoloris’s).
  10. Walking on water (shooting with my “pool”, which is 1/2” deep water over black plastic), this presents a lot of challenges. I tried this on a portrait shoot but the person I was shooting only brought black clothes. Whoops!
  11. Reflections. Lots of options here for portraits, still life, and just cool geometry.
  12. Oil and Water From Studio Oefner, several images.
  13. Inspiration from Jaroslav Wieczorkiewicz's Milk dress
  14. Building stage flats for portrait shoot scene setups
  15. Building apple boxes
  16. Collaboration with the PortraitSIG where we create a scene
  17. Explosions (high speed photography) - would need help on this. It could be anything from a balloon with a pin or arrow to a gun to firecrackers to pencils snapping with your fingers to ...
  18. Oobleck (google oobleck and look at images for more ideas)
  19. Panning practice
  20. Light painting practice
  21. Chemistry in Pictures for ideas
  22. Shooting ferrofluid. Can you add bright oil based or watercolors to ferrofluid?
  23. Shooting with a stroboscopic light, i.e. repeating flashes in a single long exposure. How many things can you think of throwing, dropping, shooting, exploding, ...? Some speedlights have this mode as do some flashlights. BobG also has a "party" stobe.
  24. Shooting crystals (mineral crystals, geodes, ...) and rock slices
  25. Growing crystals. These can be photographed simply because they are beautiful but they can also be used in composites to create surreal scenes. These can be grown in a jar or on a flat plate depending on the type of crystal.
  26. Backing up your photos
  27. Cognisys demos and photoshoot
    I have the following equipment and thought people might be interested in trying them out. Note: The StackShot and StopShot require camera trigger cables so if you want to use your camera tell me what your camera make and model is to see if I have one. The water drops can be done without a camera trigger cable.
  28. Getting started in selling microstock
  29. Pixelstick (Andy)
  30. Shooting through and with a crystal ball (Andy)
  31. Shooting for a story (Steve Erickson)
  32. Creating planets using panoramas (Mike B.)
  33. Product Photography

Past projects

We can redo these if there is interest.
  1. (10/1/2016) Cinemagraphs
  2. (10/29/2016)Fruit (and other objects) dropping into liquids. Liquids can be water, carbonated water, oil, . Coloring can be added, the liquids can be mixtures, ... let's make stuff up.
  3. (11/26/2016)Smoke patterns (probably from an incense stick). Experiment by adding colored gels, lasers, image projection.
  4. (12/28/2016)Photoshop Fun
  5. 2/27/2017 Ink Clouds.
  6. 3/27/2017 Dancing Paint.
  7. 5/2017 Breaking glass
  8. 8/2017 Shadow Photography
  9. 10/2017 Lighting like the masters
  10. 11/2017 Pixelstick