Dancing Paint

  1. MEETING TIME: Monday Mar. 27 at 9am and Saturday April 1 at 1pm
  2. WHERE: Bob's House. 46504 CR 13, Fort Collins MAP .

We will be putting paint (water colors) onto an audio speaker and blasting it with a stereo turned up full volume. I have plenty of hearing protection but this is MESSY. You will need at least a 100mm lens, 200mm is probably better so that you don't get spattered. I've seen the paint jump up to around 30". I can't get a lot of height to the paint with my stereo but it seems adequate.

Because this takes a bit of setup, I'll only have a single station. You can use my strobes unless you want to put them in harms way. Did I mention this is messy?

It is pretty easy to get the shots below but I'm looking forward to see how creative everyone gets. You can see plenty of examples on Google images. These are pretty but I'm hoping we can come up with something more interesting with photoshop.

Here are some test images I made.

sample 1

sample 2

sample 3